BACKGROUND -minimalistic interior, reflecting the superb attention to detail, combined with a feeling for comfort from every detail. Soft light and specially selected musical background bring additional tranquility and comfort. The wine collection is exposed on a separate wall, organically suited as a picture in the interior.

BACKGROUND – will welcome you in the heart of the capital in a place, isolated from the dynamics and noise of the flow of people in the winter. In the summer, you will feel the pulse of the city spirit of the people walking down one of the most frequented streets “Vitosha”, undisturbed by the car traffic, in a patio on the sidewalk or in the inner garden.
Selected menu – European cuisine with light and healthy mix of traditional Bulgarian dishes. One has to experience tagliatelle with beef and pecorino cheese, as well as linguini with mussels, linguini with chicken breasts, tomatoes, parmesan and tepanada from olives and capers. Do not miss salmon fillet with baked vegies, as well as charbroiled bass fillet with baked potatoes and tepanada from olives and capers from the fish menu. From the salads – spinach salad with dried tomatoes, chickpeas, olives and feta cheese, covered with lemon-mustard dressing, green salad with French goat cheese or the classic “Caesar” salad, prepared by the highest standards for a very rich taste by combining crusty bacon, garlic croutons, fresh salad, anchovies, chicken pieces, egg, covered with parmesan crisps and “Caesar” dressing.
All this, together with the freshly toasted bread and the deserts, prepared and served with exceptional virtuosity, plus the extensive wine list with selected wines from Bulgaria, France, Italy, Portugal, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Chili and Argentina, will make your experience in Background unforgettable.